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When the recession and housing crash began to become a tangible reality in 2010, four friends were looking for solutions for the scary new world the American middle class faced all of a sudden.  Out of work and with real estate prices crashing, many middle class families found themselves in unexpected trouble and even running out of means to provide much needed food.  It became apparent that help was needed. The idea of a food distribution program was born.

We approached the President of the Los Angeles Turners, Carole Kulzer-Brennan. The Los Angeles Turners have been around for 140 years, founded in 1871, and have always had a strong social engagement.  Carole Kulzer-Brennan was very supportive of the idea, and together with the Christian donation Center in Los Angeles and the Second Harvest Food bank in Orange County, who offered their generous support as well, and with the help of many other friends we began distributing food.  The program grew naturally during these most difficult economic times, almost doubling the food distribution in one short year. Currently the Los Angeles Turners still have a special fund for donations to their “Feed the Needy” program.

When we were a year into the operation it became apparent that we had to start our own charity. This was the birth of the California Outreach Organization, Inc.  The Secretary of state incorporated the nonprofit public benefit corporation in July 2011. It is not organized for the private gain of any person. The specific purpose is to support and feed people in need, especially the elderly and families with children.



The beginnings...:


Jonathan Joss is the
Voice for California Outreach Organization

The renowned Native American Actor Jonathan Joss, known as the voice of “John Redcorn” in the animated Show “King of the Hill” and his current role as Ken Hotate on "Parks and Recreation" is the voice for California Outreach Organization in Paramount.  The Non-profit Organization feeds the needy in Orange County and Greater Los Angeles.  Jonathan Joss, who has his own product line of Spices - “King of the Grill”, will work with California Outreach on different Projects and he will donate parts of proceeds from product sales to the Organization.

California Outreach Organization helps with food:
Soaring Poverty causes malnutrition and hunger
Almost 50 Million Americans are officially in poverty – Real numbers are estimated to be much higher

(OC, Feb. 2012) As California Outreach Organization, a non-profit Organization with the mission to feed the needy reports, the numbers of Americans in need are soaring.  Another 2.6 Million Americans slipped below the poverty line last year, according to the US census bureau.  This brings the official number of Americans who live below poverty level up to 46.2 million. This is the highest number in the 52 years the bureau has published figures.

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